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  • Next time you see a missing pup or kitten on your block, forget asking around and responding to missing pet posters. Just go ahead and lie to your neighbors face when they come sad face knocking on your door—and sell that wandered-onto-your-property animal on Craigslist! Word of the wise though, if you have a young child in the house, clarify with them that they DON’T understand what you’re doing. Otherwise you might find yourself in trouble the way these parents did when their 5-year-old spilled the beans on their animal selling scheme. To read more of the details of this Pittsburg incidence, click here.
  •   I whip my hair back and forth, because it’s a hard knock life? More like shaking my head at Hollywood’s laziness trend in rehashing old plots, verses putting work into creating brand new ones. These days I’d just as well take a prequel or another sequel over another reboot, because remakes are sending my beloved cinema to an early grave. Does a spoonful of bankable star power make the remake go down? You tell me. Will Smith wants us to think so as he goes out on a very short limb, to bring forth a Jay-Z musically composed, Emma Thompson written, retooling of “Annie’. Right on the heels of the orphan Annie 30th DVD anniversary. Related articles Emma Thompson invites Jay-Z to tea (thesun.co.uk) Jay-Z's Annie to shoot in spring (bbc.co.uk)  
  • In flight entertain refers to the entertainment on a flight. Duh. I've flown a lot, but apparently I've been boarding the wrong jet fueled engines. Here I am thinking the online raffle ticket games, and on demand cable TV programming options are good enough block my complaints about the lack of free honey roasted peanuts, and the lame carry on luggage charges. But what I didn't get, were any options to watch an in flight fashion show! see video of vietjetair's show A Vietnamese airline recently did, and granted it was a bikini fashion show (pass), and they were fined for it, but still!! Still that's taking it up a notch and bringing more fun to the skies I've always called friendly. Still as in, I still missed the banana republic/virgin America high above the clouds on flight fashion show last spring too! Clearly racking up the frequent flier miles is more enjoyable than it use to be. Check out http://www.terminalu.com 's top 6 list of best flight experiences. Spoiler alert!!! They involve book your own chefs, showers on board, and wine tastings- just to name a few of the activites... (#jealous, #airenvious)
Maggie: Hey! You wanna hear something interesting? Friend: Yeah sure, what? Maggie: Well actually I have like twelve crazy things I want to tell you about. Friend: Really? Maggie: Yeah! Just to make sure, I wrote them all down so I wouldn’t forget. Pulls out piece of paper. Friend: Where do you get this stuff?! Maggie: Well I really like the news. Anyway, did you know…

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