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When Fake Presidental Signatures Are Cool

There are reasons we need a President, and reasons we need that President’s signature. Documents of weight on matters regarding political significance seem to be clear cut examples of when in person appearances must be mandatory. I’m definitely concerned about who has clearance to use the autopen—no President of mine should have one of his … Continue reading

Fantastic Bridges

Wanna see some fantastic–how in the world did they make that–bridges? Check this out: http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-40391866

TSA Drama

So TSA feels the need to do extra security checks on elderly and children now….? Now while I do believe this steams from the thought of being “one step ahead of the game”–putting in “undue” security measures before they have reasons to become “due” security measures. An awareness of those that wish to do harm … Continue reading

Real Life Case of Final Destination

Real Life Case of Final Destination: man survives one plane crash, only to die in another

Texting Will Lead to an Ugly Neck? There’s a Facial For That!

Joanna Czech, a midtown Manhattan aesthetician has recently begun offering The Blackberry Facial. For a $200 treatment, the New York Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa will perform a 45 minute exfoliation treatment involving a neck cleansing, a peel with sapphire stones, another peel, a hydrating serum and then lymphatic drainage; rounded up with 20 minutes … Continue reading

Admission fee to bookstores

Could this have saved Borders? No one has stopped reading, they’ve just gotten cheaper. Going to the library isn’t nearly as trendy as shopping online. Nancy Salmon, the floor manager at Kepler’s Books remarks: “They type titles into their iPhones and go home, we know what they’re doing, and it has tested my patience.” To … Continue reading

what doesn’t go in micowaves: babies

This isn’t Criss Angel turning a popcorn bag into a popcorn bowl exciting. This is how am I going to look at my microwave the same way again crazy. A Northern California woman, Ka Yang, 29, of Sacramento was recently arrested on murder charges. Concluding a three month investigation, several medical professionals, forensic specialists, and … Continue reading

Stolen mink coat via underwear…um yeah

A Minnesota woman pleads guilty to attempted theft of mink coat. The bad news: she attempted to steal it by hiding it in HER UNDERWEAR. The good news is: she didn’t get away with it. Yeah, think about what I just said happened here…this is a true story, it really happened…somehow. I’m trying not to … Continue reading

Facebook newsfeed read: added new photos, (mobile upload) tagged: “Got a cute ‘Hostage’ huh.”

If you were friends of Jason Valdez, you may have seen such a status update yesterday. During a 16 hour hostage stand off, Valdez, wanted on charges of drug possession; real time updated his social network. As SWAT units surrounded the Salt Lake Utah motel where he held a woman captive, inside he made online … Continue reading

Dear, Well that’s a shame…sincerely me.

Dear Ryan Reynolds, I feel bad no one saw your movie over the weekend. I feel bad that it cost so freaking much during production. I feel bad that you probably had to spend a lot of time in body paint (or whatever your costume was made out out. But clearly I didn’t feel bad … Continue reading

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