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There is nothing NOT interesting about someone turning around in their boat and seeing a great white shark leaping in mid air over another person–also standing in the boat!! (Relax…no one got hurt) And then landing inside:

A group of researchers off the coast of South Africa were trying to lure great white sharks to their boat when suddenly one them flies out of the water and, plop!, lands in the back part of the boat.

The shark was 9 feet long and the the boat about 26 feet. NPR’s Michele Norris spoke to Dorien Schroeder, a team leader with Ocean’s Research, who said at first the shark was stressed and rolling around.

But here’s the remarkable part: Schroeder said she only panicked for that moment she saw the shark in the air close to one of her interns. Her instinct kicked in, so she moved the intern out of the way and then she thought, “OK, now I just need to get a white shark out of the boat.”

Schroeder said her next moves had everything to do with saving the shark. Her team put some jeans over the shark’s eyes to keep her calm and immediately began pouring water over her gills to keep her breathing.

She said the experience was nothing like the movie Jaws. It was instead a shark, probably spooked by another shark, that made a terrible mistake.

Except, “She happened to land in a boat of people that love white sharks with all their hearts.”

The shark was taken back to port and removed by a crane. She was OK. And the crew was out the next day.

(story pulled from NPR link here) It’s mildly disappointing that this was not how it plays out on Jaws 😦 Now how did they get this big fish off the boat you ask? They had to take the boat back to the dock (yes shark on board and all!!!!!!!!) and crane lift that bad boy right out of there. The shark was in good spirits as it swam off. And this story has further put me good spirits because I’m pretty excited about shark week at the end of the month! Oh yeah!! http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/shark-week/


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