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“She Has a Great Personality. She’s So Funny…” (new shows/funny gals)

Looking forward to laughing my socks off?! Who’s with me?! I love September because all the new shows start, some good, some bad, and ideally many that will be hilarious. The funny ladies are out in full force on all the studio networks this fall, and here are a few (in my opinion) to be … Continue reading

Black Water: Dirty or Delicious?

I like my Jersey girls, but not these fella’s black water! I’ll admit I’m a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. While watching a recent episode the sons of one of the wives spoke of their new business venture involving a new bottled-water line BLK. At the official NYC launch party back in … Continue reading

Teen Preps to Avoid Paying Future Mortgage Bill

Impressive teenager alert: Sixteen-year-old Austin Hay of Santa Rosa, Calif., has been sleeping in a work-in-progress 130 square foot “tiny home” in his parents’ backyard for months. The project came about because “like every teenager, I want to move out,” says Hay. The wise beyond his years practical carpenter, doesn’t believe that bigger is better, … Continue reading

It’s Like She’s The Little Mermaid

Double amputee Nadia of New Zealand, recently had her life been changed thanks to a special prosthetic tail. A medical condition at the age of four caused her to lose both legs, and with sports therefore out of the picture she fell in love with swimming. A letter to Peter Jackson’s specialty costume studio apart … Continue reading

Ladies Born With No Vaja-jay’s (and I don’t mean trannies…)

Discovery Fit & Health has had approximately five commercials in rotation today it seems. One such commercial highlighted the new season of their popular show Strange Sex. The commercial starts with a confused man saying, “Francis told me she was born without a vagina. I’d never heard of that before.” Around the eighth time this … Continue reading

Jim Carrey Creepy Loves You Emma Stone

Jim and Emma NOT sitting in a tree. Not K-I-SS-I-N-G. No comes loves, no comes marriage, just a creepy/hilarious video via an online comedic carriage. Check out Jim Carrey’s love letter video to actress Emma Stone: http://www.jimcarreytrulife.com/video-post/jim-carreys-message-to-emma-stone

Would You Eat Milk Duds If They Were Renamed ToothGlue? (haha yep.)

What if candy bars were named for what they really are? College Humor suggested and, and Jezebel discussed it. And now I’m supporting it. Give me some of that “ToothGlue” and “WTF pretzel’s don’t count as candy” I could use a sugary snack.

Facts Of Life: Hot Saucing Your Kid, Creative Or Awful Punishment?

Coming across an article entitled: Mom Could Lose Kids Over Hot Saucing Punishment, the morning after a friend and I ourselves had a tongue scorching experience  with some extra spicy taco sauce, caught my attention. We’re both on the other side of 25 I myself wanted to pull out my own tongue and throw it … Continue reading

When Two Become One

Portrait génétique aka genetic portraits. Awesome family portrait mash up series created by photographer Ulric Collette. Highly recommend checking out the website. And you if liked that, then you’ll probably get a kick out of Manbabies

Mirror, Mirror Not On Her Wall

UCLA student, and soon to be bride, swears off mirrors for a year. (did you know that women on average look in mirrors upwards of 70 times a day?? that seems a bit dramatic, but that’s what studies say…) Kjerstin Gruys is chronicling the daily encounters and challenges of living a mirror-free life on her … Continue reading

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