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Judge Sentences Bad Mom To Not Get Pregnant Again!! (true story here)

When twenty year old Felicia Salazar’s 19-month-old daughter was severely  beaten by her father, and didn’t receive proper medical attention and basic protection, the judge made a drastic ruling. Child moved to foster care, child’s father sent away for 15 years in prison, and Salazar herself:

Judge Charlie Baird gave her a suspended prison sentence and 10 years probation with what he called the “reasonable condition” not to conceive or bear any more children during that time.

“She has a fundamental right to reproduce,” said the judge, “so I couldn’t order her to be sterilized. But she can be forced to forfeit certain fundamental rights.” The judge added that he is “not even preventing her from having intimate sexual relations. I’m only preventing her from becoming pregnant.”

So part of her sentence is that she’s not allowed to become a mom again. Because she really sucked this first time. Wow. How is this even legal? ( and better yet, how is she the first person to receive this? There’s a lot of people  who shouldn’t be allowed to be parents…)

To read more check out : can motherhood be criminalized?

To read legal discussion on the matter via the wall street journal check out: less child abuse, fewer criminals?


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