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Southwest Seems to LUV Kicking Off Passengers (3rd Celeb in less than 2years)

What’s the deal with all the misunderstandings between Southwest Airlines and their passengers? Do they understand that the more often they because known as the airline that kicks people off flights left and right, the more of a bad reputation they get?? Within the past two years there’s been a ridiculously public amount of people … Continue reading

Bake Sale Plays Race Card to Protest Affirmative Action Bill

Drama is cooking over at the University of California Berkeley, because of a bake sale by the Campus Republicans where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your gender and the color of your skin. The bake sale prices goods at: $2.00 for white men, $1.50 for Asian men, $1.00 for Latino men, … Continue reading

“Beware the Uniboob”

Just because something was reviewed well on yelp.com, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be awesome. The same goes for plastic surgery. “Beware the Uniboob” Even if my best friend for life recommended someone, I‘d still do the additional research on the surgeon’s background. (This isn’t like a sushi recommendation!!) Dinora Rodriguez didn’t. Rodriguez found … Continue reading

Beef: Put it in Your Mouth (Not in a Needle, and Then in Your Skin)

When in doubt, it’s beef—that’s what to use for Botox! Wait….no part of that last sentence made sense. (oh yeah, beef is what’s for dinner!!) Tell that to 63-year-old Janet Hardt of Homewood, Illinois. This plastic surgery enthusiast clearly missed that memo, when she thought it would be a good idea to injected heated beef … Continue reading

Secret Passageways Are Fun

Haven’t you always wanted a  secret passageway in your home? That is a double-handed, raised high above my head, and loudly proclaimed YES! from me. I’ll take a secret passageway switch too–even if it does just turn on and off a light. Secret Passageway Switch by Ben Light

Any Last Meal Requests? (actually, scratch that, your choice has been revoked)

You know what? This is your last day on death row (because your bucket is about to be kicked for you), maybe I don’t care so much about the last bit of food that’s to go into your digestive tract. The recognized concept of the last meal for condemned prisoners has been  long-standing custom around … Continue reading

President Obama: Why Did Warren Buffett Have to Explain This?

News shows continue to broadcast clips of President Obama remarking the need for higher taxes for those who make more money. My instant reaction is heck yeah. If you have more money, by default that’s what happens—you have more money available to be taxed so it will. Approximately 2 seconds later I give my 2cents … Continue reading

I Need to Be Able To Dip or Squeeze (my ketchup that is)

It took them three years to sort out the concept of dipping and squeezing. Now before you get your panties in a wad, I’m referring to ketchup packets here. I for one eagerly support this change to the packet packaging that has been around since 1968. Their traditional packets can be waaaay annoying depending on … Continue reading

We All Can’t Marry George Clooney (yeah, duh, i know)

George Clooney’s new commercial: Some people are lucky in life; the rest of us need saving accounts. HA! Related articles George Clooney’s insane new commercial for a Norwegian bank. (copyranter.blogspot.com)

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world! Unlike Pinky and Brain, I am not interested in doing the same things every night. (or day for that matter) Raise your hand if you like to go out and about?!  If you like spend more time inside your … Continue reading

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