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Blame It On The Weatherman

Police are investigating the case of an area Arkansas man who was found dead with a dog collar around his neck in a bathtub with and a television weatherman asleep beside him. John Barbour, owner of said bathtub woke up on Labor Day to loud snoring, and his best friend meteorologist Brett Cummins with the deceased 24-year-old Dexter Paul Williams. Barbour admits the three of them had been drinking and using illegal narcotics since the night but how the details of the death have yet to be determined. I don’t know what happened last night, but it happened in the bathroom, with a dog collar, and it sucks to be the guy who ended up waking up next to the dead guy. Ew / yikes. Just like the gals of B*witched sang about in the last 90’s, “Blame it on the weatherman”



About maggie.

Maggie Barnes is a nonprofit and for profit business content specialist / social media consultant; and social sciences web writer interested in everything from psychology and sexuality, to technology, race, and economics. She is passionate about good communication and information accessibility.


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