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Dear Apple, You Can’t Take All The Apple Logos

Apple needs to take it down a notch, step back, and really ask themselves: Is anyone really going to confuse their logo with the logo of  Apfelkind, a small, family-owned café in Bonn, Germany? Their attempted trademark is a child’s face inside a red apple ( because apfelkind means “apple child” in German). The answer … Continue reading

Painting Or Photo? (Betcha Can’t Tell!)

Now this is different: Washington, D.C., artist Alexa Meade, creates photographs that look like paintings. She explains, “Instead of painting a picture on a two dimensional canvas, I paint directly on top of my subjects in three dimensional space. The photographs of the painted scenes look like flat paintings without the assistance of Photoshop or … Continue reading

I Could Have Sworn the Amendents Only Applied to People

PETA is calling foul play on Seaworld. The popular marine park is being sued by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, on the accusations that the parks’ keeping five star-performer whales in conditions that violate the 13th Amendment ban on slavery.The federal court is being asked to grant constitutional rights to the  whales. … Continue reading

Flaunt Magazine Flaunts James Franco’s Ass (Literally)

Because I’m more than a little distracted by James Franco’s bare rear end on the over of the new Flaunt Magazine; I’m going to suggest that you read up on his featured article here, because clearly I have not gotten that far myself…

“Who’s Going to Make a Magical Fire With Just Sticks?”

While standing in line to watch an outdoor movie on top of cemetery plots, two of my friends—questionable if they’re being sarcastic or not– discuss what’s the point of camping. One remarks, “I don’t get what’s so great about it. If you think about it, it’s like an opportunity to what—act like we’re homeless?” The … Continue reading

Tweeting About Hostage Situations!? (Come on now…)

I don’t know how the French do it, but here in America when people call us up and say they’re holding a couple government employees hostage (at gunpoint), we call the cops and let them handle it…For some reason though when Pierre Haski, a co-founder of the French news blog Rue 89, received a call … Continue reading

DVD Player Gone by 2020?! (I’ll Miss You…)

Seven gadgets that won’t be around come the end of this decade, click here. (E-reader you won’t be missed…)

Beyonce Bumpgate??

I may not be a true blue (or yellow, or red, or even green for that matter) Beyonce fan, but this drama over if she’s preggers or not is does amuse me. I mean you go on one Australian news show and your bun in the oven appears to deflate when you sit down–and people … Continue reading

“Seriously Shut Your Face—Who Else Could It Be?”

“Seriously shut your face—who else could it be?” Selena Gomez will take the stage on hosting duty at the MTV EMA’s next month — and while I could really care less, this promo video is too cray- cray craazzzy hilarious!

NYSE–Is Your Website Still There…?

A little over a week ago, while at a dinner at The Waffle in Hollywood (gem of a restaurant by the way), with like 20 of my closest friends (yeah it was kinda ridiculous…lol) I ran into a couple former co-workers. While catching up with one them I learn the interesting tidbit that he’s actually … Continue reading

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