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Human Centipede (eh…); Human Centiped II (eh…??)

Dr. Heiter surveys his completed human centipe...

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Was last year’s The Human Centipede really the sickest movie of all time? The Dutch horror film written and directed by Tom Six, that tells the story of a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, mouth to anus, forming a human centipede. While it’s gross yes, as an avid horror movie genre fan visually, and script wise it was by no means a masterpiece. I certainly didn’t do all this puking while watching it, as many film watchers/reviewers apparently did. There’s always been truth in that the most horrific things, that break us to the core, are typically ones that make us think, verses see. So I agree that the concept of creating a centipede out of humans, and explaining that medically speaking could be done– yes, that’s more than a little disgusting. Personally though even as I watched all the head’s bandaged to butts, I was like eh. Better written dialogue and better acting would have made this “idea” stick in my head (better). (especially since I wasn’t seeing anything gross. Just bulging eyes that indicated a passage of bodily fluids…) A concept can be great and all, but it’s the execution that makes the real difference.

So anyway, somehow this production was able to secure funding for a second movie. Here the writer, director Tom Six, in a teaser trailer hypes up the soon to be arrival of the second film. Human Centiped II (Full Sequence)

Teaser Trailer by the Director Tom Six:


The folks down under in Australia can’t even seem to handle the official full sequence trailer, and instead offer up this:

The Human Centipede II, Australian Teaser Trailer


So here’s what all the hoopla is about, this is the new trailer for the second centipede movie.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)Trailer:


I see the same rules applying, the idea that someone would take a revolting movie plot and live it out to the next level—is a terrifying idea. Namely because if forces you to think some wacko might actually pick up their motivation from an outlandish plot point. What if someone were to try this at home. Psycho’s are scary to think about.

That all being said, I’m likely to watch the movie, and I predict a lack of vomit from this mouth, and a “eh” respond. But since I watched the first one, might as well see the second one I figure.

The first Human Centipede (First Sequence) movie:



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