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A Condition of Flexibility (It’s Complicated.)

Who loves watching the show Mystery Diagnosis? Me. Who’s been watching a  marathon on the OWN Network today? Me. Who just learned about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (a connective tissue disorder), because of an episode? Me. But you can too. Wanting to learn more about this, my search lead to Danielle Davis’ blog: “My Life … Continue reading

If Rocks Could Walk–That Would Explain Stonehenge

Researchers in the United Kingdom have recently had a serious breakthrough regarding the mystery that is the Stonehenge formation: the place of origin for a piece of the ancient rock. Researchers spent the better part of 2011 comparing content and textural relationships of the rhyolite debitage stones found at Stonehenge, and were able to pinpoint … Continue reading

Twinkle, Twinkle, Is That Another “Earth” Next to That Star?

Well for one thing there is nothing catchy about the names Kepler-20e and Kepler-20, as far as planets go. The large planet that revolves around the sun—that would be Earth—originated its name reportedly in the 8th century. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word erda, which means ground or soil. In Old English the word became … Continue reading

Mile High Dating Through Facebook? (Like or Dislike)

First American Airline Delta, integrates their search engine and booking system with Facebook.  Then other airlines (Like Malaysia Air) begin adding additional features to their Facebook pages as well; including the option to see if any of their Facebook friends are on the same flight or will be headed to the same destination. And the … Continue reading

This Ultimate Cookie Oreo Brownie Bar May Be Worth Being Toothless…

Wow, wow, wow this is the ultimate chocolate chip cookie and Oreo fudge brownie bar!!!! WOW! Looks pretty delicious. Seeing is believing. Go ahead, click it, and feel sickeningly hungry for something that promises to make all you teeth fall out from sugar overload! hahaha

Wait? Who Do You Think You’re Calling?

Now here’s an unexpected way to gain entry into the lifestyles of the rich and famous–Meet Bob Gray. Ohio man. Moves to Orange County with the Mrs.Changes his phone number to a (310) prefix and Hollywood starts calling HIM. There you have it folks, it’s that simple. (did I forget to mention–his new number was … Continue reading

The Ying and Yang of Extroverts and Introverts

Can I be an in-extrovert? Because I’d say I’m like 75% introvert and about a quarter extroverted. I can totally be out there and making all sorts of noises and what not, it’s just I rarely feel the need. It’s not my default behavior by any means. (the picture to the left here is author … Continue reading

Remember: Plots On The New Girl, Are Fake

COSMOPOLITAN’s Jan. 2012 issue says that 40% of men like it when a girl: Cries hysterically while watching Dirty Dancing; 53% would be charmed by a gal who would bust out fake snaggleteeth in the middle of a wedding; and 70% would find a woman oh so adorable if she wore overalls on a regular … Continue reading

Tell Jen Lopez, No One Forgot That You’re Hot

Jennifer Lopez (yep I’m not calling you J.Lo anymore because you haven’t been with P.Diddy in years. Namely a couple kids, and a couple lovers ago!) Anyway Ms. Lopez I don’t care how fantastic you look (which is amazing!!) You’re in your 40’s–enough with the bodysuits and mini skirts! Is your wardrobe in your new … Continue reading

Miss School and It’s Your Parents Who May Need a Prision Break

Let me get this straight: if your child misses a little over a dozen days of school within say 90days, mom and dad may be arrested?! Sounds like something that perhaps shouldn’t be broadcast to the students themselves. Keep this on the parental down low because I can’t be the first person to immediately think—wait … Continue reading

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