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Allyn Rachel Is Hilarious (and that puppy is pretty tiny I bet..)

I can’t help it, this lady it hilarious and she’s exploding all over commercial breaks between my favorite programs. I’m talking about Allyn Rachel. I don’t know her personally or anything but I see her more than I see some friends! (Which is kind of saying a lot because I’m pretty social…) I love the … Continue reading

Starbucks Wants To Be My One Stop Drink Shop

Starbucks I understand the idea that too much alcohol drinking (hello irresponsible’s) in the night may lead to an increased need for coffee in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you need to be my one stop shop for both. Well Starbucks clearly thinks otherwise: By the end of 2012 a handful of SoCal (and … Continue reading

I Don’t like McDonald’s of Taco Bell That Much…(that’s too much)

A 17 year old British teen recently collapsed, and revealed to her doctors a shocking truth: that she had eaten almost nothing but fast-food chicken nuggets since she was two years old. I like chicken nuggets (I’m more of a chick fil a chicken nugget loversmyself…), but this is a silly love of chicken particles. … Continue reading

Grow Your Hair Out At Home: You’re Suspended!!

If you want to donate to locks of love, show your support and concern for cancer victims, well you can do that at HOME! That what 17-year-old leukemia survivor J.T. Gaskins was told by his high school after deciding over the holidays to grow out his hair and donate it. Motivated not only by his … Continue reading

I Effin Live There

Where do you live? I effin live in Effin, Ireland. Yeah if I worked at Facebook I’d wouldn’t believe you either. But apparently the town with the offensive name has finally been acknowledged as a real place where real people live. Spoiler alert: Unlike Santa Claus, it does exist. (You gotta effin be kidding me. … Continue reading

Will Give Sex For Chicken Nuggets

This REALLY happened: “A woman approached cars at a Mc Donalds drive-thru in Burbank, California offering sex for Chicken Mc Nuggets, KTLA-TV in Los Angeles reports.” I’m speechless.

He Stabbed His Friend Because Beyonce is Married…

Other news that made me speechless: “A Parma, Ohio, man was stabbed by his friend just an hour before the New Year rang in 2012 because he learned that songstress Beyonce was married to rapper Jay-Z.” Dude, it’s not like she got married yesterday—where’ve you been?!

Don’t Put That In Your Body!!!

Two things that don’t go in your body that you’d think no one would ever need to clarify to someone: super glue and bath salts. Recently a woman lost her arm to a flesh eating bacteria caused by an infection of the streptococcus bacteria. It literally ate her flesh and killed her muscle. Okay so … Continue reading

Gender Secret is Out. He is a He.

Five years later they reveal that their kid is a boy. For years this UK based couple has been in the news for what others have described as controversial parenting. They intentionally “hid” their child’s gender—as a way to avoid stereotypes. Meet Sasha. Sasha has to go to school, now and his “secret” had to … Continue reading

A Combo Wedding Funeral. Weird? (Yes.)

How do you feel about this: with a desire to right a wrong (date his girlfriend for 10years, and still delay putting a ring on it even after her requests) Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen (why he’s also known as that. I wonder…) married Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook, at her funeral. A combination ceremony. … Continue reading

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