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Stop Your Belly Aching aka Stop Your Drinking

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New research from Journal of Psychology says you can’t blame it on the alcohol. Their studies indicate that it’s not that your brain doesn’t register error when you’re drunk off your rocker (nope, ladies and gents, fact is you’re still pretty aware!), it’s that your less than brilliant in that moment boo-tay-is just waaaay less concerned about the consequences. (Yeah streaking or making out with Chewbacca totally sounded like a grand idea to you; why? Because you didn’t care that much.) Put down the martini glass, return the craft beer to sender, step away from the shot glass… #thanksmarieclairemagjan12issue.


About maggie.

Maggie Barnes is a nonprofit and for profit business content specialist / social media consultant; and social sciences web writer interested in everything from psychology and sexuality, to technology, race, and economics. She is passionate about good communication and information accessibility.


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