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Teacher Asked Students To Sing Naked

Now here’s an interesting piece of news: A Tacoma, Washington Community College music teacher claimed he was reportedly conducting a study,

“… on how sexual arousal affects vocal ranges…”

He proposed and suggested to several students that they remove their clothes and or touch themselves while singing as so to gauge what affects it had on their vocal abilities and sounds.

At first this actually does sound like a plausible case study; and one with potential for interesting results. Um hello–people get aroused listening to music (they certainly dance like it to!) And how you do think phrases like, “this is baby making music…”originated. Lyrically, content can definitely be sexually charged as well. So for someone to be intrigued in the types of effects sexual activity would have sound wise on the singer, if being performed amid the song process; well, that’s not all that wrong. Or even odd.

Many of the students declined and the teacher who has since opted to resign, is being charged with many accounts of improper behavior, after the launch of an investigation brought forth by complaints from the non compliant students.

He claims innocence. And one of his students, boasts an agreement of this as well. Unfortunately that said student was a girl, 17 then, who was attending the college as part of the Running Start program. See the problem? Yeah….

He may have told investigators,

“that he was interested in how sexual arousal affected vocal range but had yet to get to the “human participant level”. And that those he approached, he did so not necessarily as potential participants, but rather to see if there is an interest in this matter.”

The compliant teen may have been honest in her statements about the 37-year-old teacher, Kevin Gausepohl, in saying that

“he always focused on the education and mentorship of his students …,”

And did nothing wrong in her eyes. reportedly she hopes for him to return to campus teaching. But if that’s the matter at hand, it’s his judgment error is in the platform and community college arena he chose to test out these feelers in. (And the clothing removal and touching he was suggesting, was to occur in his presence, during private lessons…) Overall if his ideas for a “study” were to be any deemed any sort of legitimate, it would clearly need proper approval, and orchestration.

And lastly, at the very least, it probably shouldn’t have been discussed with a young lady he’s known since she was 9, who had yet to turn 18…because no matter what–that looks bad.

(ps. Why has he known her since she was 9? Can I get a little back story on that?)

To read more up on this case under investigation click here.

For a complicated twist, read this article on the case written earlier last year. (who’s checking their sources here??)


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