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Allyn Rachel Is Hilarious (and that puppy is pretty tiny I bet..)

I can’t help it, this lady it hilarious and she’s exploding all over commercial breaks between my favorite programs. I’m talking about Allyn Rachel. I don’t know her personally or anything but I see her more than I see some friends! (Which is kind of saying a lot because I’m pretty social…)

I love the world of advertising, marketing and promotions. (You’re reading words form a one time double major in business marketing here. The only thing that kept me completing my double degree were two awful accounting classes that briefly slaughtered my gpa. I’m still angry about those classes. I didn’t want to be an accounting major—why did I have to take them!!??) Well done, non intrusive means of getting my attention I completely support. I’m the kind of person that goes to a restaurant and requests to hear the stuff the waiters like. If done well I support pretty much all forms of promotion.  (That being said many means of sales tactics are lame and fake. But when they’re good, they’re good!!)

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen Allyn’s rapidly increasing body of work.  I haven’t seen much on her IMDB, in terms of movies and whatnot,

But she’s been cracking me up since I first heard her distinctive voice on 2011 Toyota Venza Commercial – Social Network

“What, that’s not a real puppy. It’s too small to be a real puppy…”

And later on Ebay’s mom jeans commercial

When McDonalds McRib Commercial – Honeymoon starting airing I was like, hey this wow, this lady is really getting a lot of work right!

“I married a 14 year old…”

More than half of my friends are based in Hollywood, CA, many of them actors and just like I support them and show them love for a job well done, while Allyn may be a stranger to me, she’s awesome and worthy of being told so. Kudos to her. Here’s to her continual success!

(Another bonus fact I’ve recently learned about this petite, brunette actress, is that she’s a sketch performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre!! I think I adore her even more.)


Check out her http://allynrachel.com/

Her latest ad (well I’ve only started seeing it last night):



About maggie.

Maggie Barnes is a nonprofit and for profit business content specialist / social media consultant; and social sciences web writer interested in everything from psychology and sexuality, to technology, race, and economics. She is passionate about good communication and information accessibility.


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