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If Your Skin Is Blue, Don’t Marry Your Other Blue Shaded Relative

Ever heard anyone refer to “people as every color of the rainbow”? Black, brown and white aren’t really colors we associate with rainbows, but depending on the situation people I can understand the red, orange, green (if you’re sick you can look a bit greenish), pink, and yellow references. I remember as a child hearing … Continue reading

Sexual Violence in Congo and My Cell Phone

I’m looking at my cell phone right now in an entirely new light. I want to chuck it. This is how I felt last month as I listened on my IPOD to Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory. Sigh. Maybe you were already aware of this, but I certainly wasn’t. It’s dreadfully devastating how unaware … Continue reading

Hannibal the TV Show?

“Hello Clarice…” I don’t know how I feel about this. NBC says yes. Yes to a new series based on the Hannibal Lecter. AKA the cannibal from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon. (Remember the movies?) No, Anthony Hopkins won’t be involved. If it makes you feel any better, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) is producing it.

Ad in London: For Women ONLY!! No Men Allowed.

Fact or Fiction? An ad that uses facial recognition to determine the gender of a person and decide which ad to show them? Fact. A bus stop with this particular type of ad was created as part of a campaign to improve education options for young women in developing countries. With this technology if you’re … Continue reading

Why is the Rise in Twins Concerning?!

I love twins. I think they’re awesome. If you’re a twin, that means I think you’re awesome. (Especially if you’re identical!!!!!) A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has reported that the number of twins born in the U.S. has pretty much soared over the last three decades. A lot of … Continue reading

“Babycinnco,” Say What?

Do babies need coffee? Nope. Sure don’t. Tell that to the espresso bars in New York that have continued a “babyccinos” trend (originally made popular in Australia), because they did not get the memo. What’s this drink exactly? A miniature cup of decaf cappuccino: aka a shot of decaffeinated espresso topped with steamed milk. or … Continue reading

And in other News (What’s going on in Alabama? Glad You Asked)

This is one of my new favorite blogs, that I literally stumbled upon 🙂 I certainly didn’t seek it out since I don’t live in Alabama–but it’s a great site! (dirtysouthnews) It was here that I learned about Alabama offering sex toys for gun trade in‘s. Make love, not war. I get it. That Wal-mart … Continue reading

Mom, My Teacher Threw Away My Lunch…(tear..)

One little ole’ 4-year-old is forced to throw out her packed lunch (and eat a state-dictated cafeteria lunch of chicken nuggets), and all these folks get their panties get in a wad. Well it does sound peculiar. School official’s at an elementary school in Raeford, North Carolina are apologizing for an incident regarding a teacher’s … Continue reading

Fatty Pets Aren’t Cute (not even in that super bowl commerical)

The 2012 Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial with the overweight dog may have been funny, but the epidemic on the rise of overweight pets is anything but humorous. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, the majority of adult dogs and cats in U.S. homes are overweight (53% of adult dogs aka 41 million, and … Continue reading

If You Wanna Know If He Loves You So: It’s in His “Hiss”

Yes roaches can pretty much survive anything, but if you give someone the gift of naming a roach after them…I predict a swift end to your life in that relationship. The Bronx Zoo didn’t get that memo. Check out their new gift idea: Name a Roach Can’t decide on what to get that special someone … Continue reading

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