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Million Mustache March (one million strong, and growing!)

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No, no, this isn’t a joke. It wasn’t a joke when I heard it on NPR while out doing errands the other day. It wasn’t a joke when I came across it again on ABC news. The American Mustache Institute (founded in 2006) is completely serious in their request for a tax break. This past Presidents Day before a crowd of supporters and tourists Institute on the U.S. Capitol’s West Lawn, chairmen Aaron Perlut unveiled the “Stache Act,” a bill that would provide a $250 tax credit to mustached Americans.

“According to AMI science, we’ve increased mustache growth and thus good looks by 38 percent in this country. But those good looks came at a cost in the form of American-made facial grooming products such as beard and mustache trimmers, facial hair dyes, karate training devices, mayonnaise and dynamite. Indeed, those accoutrements are not free. It is clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify and should be considered a deductible expense related to the production of income underneath Internal Revenue Service Code Section 212, and, hence, the Million Mustache March.” Perlut said.

Source: ABC News

They’re even touting legit support from tax giant H&R Block.

Matthew Staub, H&R Block’s marketing manager for social media commented at the event that, “We have some very impressive mustaches on our staff.”

They have a Million Mustache March set for April Fool’s Day. Hmm…April’s Day prank done early this year? I’m still not entirely sure. But what I am sure of is that the charity involvement related to the march is pretty awesome:

“For each attendee, H&R Block has agreed to make a donation to Millions From One, a group that seeks to deliver safe drinking water around the world by purchasing equipment and developing infrastructure.”

And that’s no joke. Spread the word; get your mustache pride on. (Until April 2, even I will support you.) But if this goes any further than that, my support will be withdrawn. (team “Clean Shaven” all the way.)


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