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Where For Ought Thou Juliet? (Err…I Mean Social Security and Medicare)

The Associated Press is reporting that the cost of energy, and our struggling economy is killing Social Security’s finances. It’s not enough that as an under 30-year-old, I’m been aware for a while that when I get to retirement age S.S money will long ago be tapped out–but great rub it in. RUB IT IN!!! … Continue reading

Thanks For the Kidney, Now You’re Fired!!

Not to suggest that Debbie Stevens of New York, deserved any sort of special treatment, even though she did a particularly special act of kindness, I’m just saying it’s pretty unreasonable that she’d be subjected to “harassment” for donating her kidney for her on the kidney waiting list boss. Stevens has filed a complaint with … Continue reading

Cooking: There’s a Pinterest Board For That

My friends and I like to eat. We all may not be foodies, but we’ve all got hungry bellies. (friends that eat together stay together right?) 🙂 Our new thing now is home cooked meals Sunday afternoon…We’ve all put money into a pot, set a weekly budget for a month worth of Sunday lunch/dinner meals. … Continue reading

Movies For Your Ears. AKA Bringers of Audio Drama

Movies for your ears. http://thetruthapm.com/The_Truth.html I haven’t been this excited about any (currently online) audio outside of podcasts since I got my Bible Experience audio book several years back. Yes I have an audio Bible. And yes it’s fantastic. No thetruthamp does not have anything in common with the Bible. Other than they both bring … Continue reading

Would it Be Awkward to Get STD Screened With Your Granddad?

It’s cute that granny still likes to get her kicks. Viagra helps grandpa’s continue getting their swerve on. Hearing about either of them getting a STD at their age…well that’s unsettling. The elderly have to be reminded of a lot of things the older they get…where their glasses are, did they put on their medical … Continue reading

When She Enters Kindergarten Her MOTHER Still Won’t Be Old Enough to Drive

If teen moms had you shaking your head in concern, this is gonna make your head spin. Brace yourself. More and more girls are physically showing signs of puberty even before they’re PRE-teens, and doctors are pretty much baffled about it. (Well that’s comforting….) Earlier this month I was in utter astonishment at the news … Continue reading

Craigslist as a Search Ad/Baby Announcement (All in the Same Post!)

In a few years from now when this poor kid is starting their question happy/obsessed phase of life, and is like mommy how did you meet daddy? This is what they’re going to hear, “Honey, mommy went to a  Megadeth & Motörhead concert in Chicago, and my blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, and knee high black … Continue reading

Reblogged it: Misfortune Cookies

Originally posted on Go Jules Go:
I’m sure I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Have you ever, belly full of MSG sesame chicken, dumplings and egg rolls, gone to open that waxy looking folded cookie, and then seen… Avoid compulsively making things worse. I took that as a clear sign to…

They Don’t “Honor” Day Light Saving Time

Heck I’d prefer to not honor it myself! I learned this little nugget of a fact from a recent episode of the NBC’s show “Up All Night”; Arizona is exempt from daylight savings. Most parts of the state, except the Navajo Nation community, observe Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year long. For some background history … Continue reading

She Told Me California Had NO Self Defense Law. Period (as if everybody knew that)

I’m a Lifetime movie network  kind of gal. I can’t help it. I have been for years. My father also shares my love of these over the top wife, girlfriend, whoever; kills, stalks, identity theft, steals, their lover, husband, child, boss, next door neighbor, half the time based on a true story, made for TV … Continue reading

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