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Morning After Pill 2.0: For Bad Dating Memories?

You’re a lucky one if you’ve never come in contact with someone with “selective memory or listening”. (Those that do it on purpose to be rude.) The repercussions of that reality can be complicated enough without adding intentional devices into the mix that are designed to block out and remove moments of your life. Amnesia … Continue reading

Sexy Voice Hubby? Or Sexy Voice Baby Daddy?

Have you ever heard a voice that made you stop in your tracks? Causing you to without intention pause? If you’re anything like me, then your next reaction is one of a slightly curved grin, that says “heeeeeeyyy…”, without saying anything at all… A product of teen years spent in fandom of boy bands, I … Continue reading

“Does That Make Me More Desirable?” (the rareity of born blondes to not turn burnette)

An attractive twenty-something year old woman, shares with a gentleman that she finds blonde haired men particularly attractive. He pauses momentarily at this admission. He fancies her. But he’s a brunette. “I haven’t been blonde since I was maybe 14.” He responds. “Wait, you use to be blonde?” “Yeah, I was born blonde. It’s actually … Continue reading

“Unicorns: Do They Poop Glitter?”

“Only if they ate glitter!!” (Anyone else hear this joke on last night’s Conan?! Good stuff.) Anway, unicorns do exist (kinda, but not really). They just don’t look like the ones Lisa Frank use to draw about. Actually the “Asian unicorn” looks nothing like what i want it to look like–think, a goat with horns. … Continue reading

Scare Tactics: Parents to Children Edition

“Can a kid get a time out?!” Was the response by a friend when earlier this week a video went viral of what appeared to be toddler being put into a laundromat by parents teaching him a lesson. Immediately the alarming question came to mind: Why would any parents ever even slightly think that its … Continue reading

911 Sleeper: Now That Sounds Like a Personal Problem

Last month a frantic Maryland woman called 911 because her husband couldn’t breathe. For six minutes she listened to another person breathing: the 911 ambulance dispatcher. While they were asleep. (After the shock of the snoring dispatcher wears off, I invite you to turn your attention to the fact that she listened to this for … Continue reading

Pet Therapy in Prison, Say What? (or… ‘If You Give an Inmate a Pet’)

If I’m completely honest, I’m the kind of person who respects the notion of going to jail/prison to pay your time for doing the crime. –Without launching into the all too real reality of false imprisonment, and the over use of correctional facilities in place of tactics that would better serve select individuals and committers … Continue reading

Saved By the Bell Reunion? Where’s Lisa Turtle?

Saved By The Bell’s Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), what happened to you? Oh…there you are: click here.

New Cover of Time Has a Picture of a Toddler Attached to His Mom Breast

I’m of the train of thought, that if you can ask for the boob, than you’re too old to be getting it. In regards to breastfeeding. This is a debate that remains heated. I’m not a mom, and I wasn’t breastfeed either, so I can’t really weigh in. But I can suggest that you do … Continue reading

Dead Baby Pills Confescated In South Korea

How many words and phrases are there that express the act of vomiting? Heave, gag, throw up, to be sick, puke, eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth, regurgitate, belch or spew with force or violence, act or instance of disgorging the contents of the stomach…it’s going to take all of them in … Continue reading

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