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Is that bleach in your eye, or are you just upset to see me?

“Mom charged with pouring bleach into toddler’s eyes”

Source: here

Prosecutors have charged Jennifer Mothershead, 29, with child assault after she allegedly poured bleach into her 14-month-old daughter’s eyes multiple times.

Deputies were contacted on grounds of suspicions after a young child was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA, with serious head injuries and her mother without a reasonable explanation why.

“According to charging documents, medical personnel discovered the child also had some bruising and eye infections. And upon questioning by detectives, Mothershead appeared “unperturbed about the situation” and said she had no idea what caused the child’s injuries, according to court documents.

When asked about the eye infection, she said the child’s eyes had been swollen shut for four weeks and that the toddler slept 20-22 hours a day, due to “discomfort.” She also said the child had been prescribed antiobiotics and eye drops for an eye infection caused by an injury while “playing in a barn.” “

Now here’s the part of the story that did the mother in and really makes you wonder what was going in this lady’s head, because after the toddler has been placed in protective custody, Mothershead told detectives that she needed to give the child eye drops before she left. She does, and then proceeded to leave the eye drops in a cooler in the hospital room.

Curious, (I’d assume about the lack of relief these drops were failing to provide) the hospital staff opened the bottle, and reportedly said,

“noxious odor filled the room, burning eyes, causing mild nausea for staff,” said the charging documents.  A detective who later opened the bottle said her skin that was exposed to the fumes became red and had a burning sensation.”

(red alert, red alert!!!)

A forensic team determined that bleach was inside the eye drop bottle.

(oh the humanity….!)

With no priors, and no offer of explanation, Mothershead, plead not guilty to the charges Monday in Pierce County court.

The little girl has been placed in the custody of her biological father and Mothershead’s ex-husband. Her vision “may never be normal” and vision in her right eye has been permanently lost.

Prosecutors are not seeking to speculate as to what the motive may have been…

(I want to know though…somebody ask her.)


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