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Scare Tactics: Parents to Children Edition

한국어: 유럽향 드럼세탁기 (모델명_F1047TD)

한국어: 유럽향 드럼세탁기 (모델명_F1047TD) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Can a kid get a time out?!” Was the response by a friend when earlier this week a video went viral of what appeared to be toddler being put into a laundromat by parents teaching him a lesson. Immediately the alarming question came to mind: Why would any parents ever even slightly think that its a good idea to put

their kid in the washing machine?!) The online uploaded surveillance footage showed the machine self locking and terrifying filling up with water. (!!!)

Now while we can breathe a sigh of relief that this was ultimately not a case of death by spin cycle, because the machine did reopen within a minute and the child, while bruised, was safely removed and is ok–the kid was still put in a washing machine!! Not by their parents though. The New Jersey youngster was in the case of his (CRAPPY) babysitter.

To read more on this, and watch the pretty scary footage: click here to MSNBC.


Clown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what is kind of cra-cra-crazy is a birthday service European parents can reserve for their little one. A week of clown stalking: Stephen King It style…

“Dominic Deville rents himself out as an “evil birthday clown” who leaves scary notes for your children, warning them that they’re being watched and that they’ll soon be attacked.

At the end of a terrifying week, your child will indeed be attacked. Deville, wearing a freaky clown mask, will smash a cake into your child’s face. Deville harasses his targets with texts, phone calls and letters to let them know that their time is coming.”

More infor here: Huffington Post

Not in Europe? Want the less creepy American-ized version of this. Well Evil Clowns For Hire has ya covered.

(uh…parents these days….! ha!)


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