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If a Boyfriend or Girlfriend is a Romantic Interest, Why Does Romantic Mean Impractical…?!

It’s interesting that a boyfriend or girlfriend is defined as a boy or girl that you are romantically involved with, but one of the definitions of romantic is: impractical. boyfriend Noun:  A regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship. Synonyms: friend – fellow – pal Thanks online dictionary, now lets … Continue reading

Chris Crocker: “Bitch Please.” (New HBO Documentary)

Chris Crocker…I forgot about you. Bitch please… I remember the first time I was introduced to the likes of YouTube star Chris Crocker. It was the summer of 2007, I was about to graduate college and my teenage sister was visiting the summer sublet I was staying at in Culver City. Lounging on the California … Continue reading

Her Dog Took the Blows From Her Abuser Husband (and the shelter policy that changed because of it)

As if I needed another reason to brag about cats drooling and dogs being the ones who rule!! Boom. Case in point: “When the Rose Brooks Center for women took in a domestic violence victim and her heroic dog, they bent the rules in doing so, setting the wheels in motion for a much needed … Continue reading

Oh Great, Now I’m Really Hungry…

Reading about the dieting and body concerns of other women, famous and non, always does one thing for me: make me hungry. Is that weird? If that’s so, I’m in good company. Songstress Miranda Lambert is quoted in the current issue of Self Magazine saying,  “Really skinny actresses make me hungry — I see them … Continue reading

…Treat It Like a No Doubt Song, and Don’t Speak…

Dear Joey Fatone, DO NOT get my hopes up! Do not suggest impossibilities! Do not breathe the name NSYNC in the same air as New Kids on the Block! (I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Sorry NKOTB appreciators…) Stop it, stop it, stop it!! A reunion tour (or even a one … Continue reading

I Call It Stupid: Words Only SOME People Can Use

When a word has the same spelling and the same pronunciation, yet has more than one meaning it’s called a homonym. When a word has the same spelling and the same pronunciation, but only has different meanings when heard by particular races of people who aren’t your race, and you decide to all of a … Continue reading

Ride Sharing With Strangers (Not Greyhound Style)

Saw on a friend’s Facebook a link to the website zimride , and he’s all like, ” sounds like a good way to travel on the cheap”. And yes it certainly does. It’s a ride sharing program or as I call it, opportunity to carpool with strangers. (They promote using it within your social networks … Continue reading

Then Could a Successful Sucide Be a Double Murder?

Now here’s a thought…over on theweek.com, there’s a great article that sheds some light on “a growing number of pregnant woman criminalized in the U.S. for losing their unborn babies due to drug use or failed suicide attempts.” Is it murder if a pregnant woman attempts suicide… and the baby dies? Take the case of … Continue reading

If Your Dad Died Almost 2years Before You Were BORN, Should You Get His S.S. Benefits?

My first two thoughts upon reading the headline: Twins conceived after dad died won’t get benefits (Court: Twins conceived after dad’s death using frozen sperm shouldn’t get survivor benefits) were: Yeah, why would you get Social Security survivor benefits for twins conceived through artificial insemination, and born 18 months after their father died of esophageal … Continue reading

Banana Boat + Grilling = Nothing Good…

This is more than a little unfortunate. Brett Sigworth, of Massachusetts, recently suffered second-degree burns from a grill after applying Banana Boat sunscreen to his body. He didn’t wait for skin absorption, before walking to his grill and learning the hard way that he was still flammable. The warnings on the bottle of Banana Boat … Continue reading

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