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Pause the DVR—Jimmy’s a What?! (Jimmy’s an aphasic)

“Jimmy’s an aphasic. He’s lost the ability to comprehend spoken language. To compensate many aphasics become highly sensitive to subtle inflections in speech; and when we lie those vocal nuances become more pronounced. Most of us wouldn’t notice that, but aphasics do. And for some reason to them its sounds funny.” “Human lie detector” Pause … Continue reading

A Peek into My Email…

I get a lot of emails. Every single day my email blows the freak up. It’s ridiculous. But honestly it’s all really good stuff. My spam blocker is sic and what’s left is a fantastic hodgepodge of information. (oh…if I could RSS feed my emails inbox to others…hahaha) Take this morning for instance. I’m barely … Continue reading

Pick Up The Scissors and Cut Off Her Hair. Yes Judge…

If you felt soooo “intimidated” in the moment, then why did you wait till AFTER you cut your kid’s hair off to speak up?? That would be my first response to Valerie Bruno of Price, of Utah, who has filed a formal complaint against the juvenile court judge who, in May, offered to reduce her … Continue reading

“We’ve Got a Naked Person in Aisle 4. I Repeat: a Naked Person in Aisle 4”

I’m guessing he thought naked people wouldn’t want to get their (free) grub on? Maybe that was the mindset Nils Sterndorff, supermarket owner in Süderlügum, Germany had. Yet late last month he offered the gimmicky promotion of  up to $276 in free groceries to the first 100 people willing to shop in the nude. He … Continue reading

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