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When Did the Friendly Skies Get This Friendly??

In flight entertain refers to the entertainment on a flight. Duh. I’ve flown a lot, but apparently I’ve been boarding the wrong jet fueled engines. Here I am thinking the online raffle ticket games, and on demand cable TV programming options are good enough block my complaints about the lack of free honey roasted peanuts, … Continue reading

Name It, Claim It: What’s Your Name Mean to You?

What’s in a name? If a name is a reflection of who we are, then how come we’re given one without our consent, the second we enter the world? Names can be hard to live up to, on occasion utterly ridiculous sounding, and at times clear representations of what are parents were, and were not … Continue reading

Can Interracial Couples Be Defined as Simply “Couples”?

One of these days interracial dating, interracial couples, interracial babies, will be simply described as dating, couples, and babies. Without all the “interracial” additives. Wait for it. Chris Rock and Julie Delpy on Interracial Sex, new article on the Salon. I wanna see 2 Nights In New York. (who’s with me?)

Why Any Lady Would Want Her Chin Permanently Marked Up: A History Lesson in Tattoos

Whatever your personal body modification of choice may be, the facts are this: tattoos are popular. On the heels of a Hollywood gal pal getting her first ink job at the end of last month, I have body art on the brain. A lot of my friends have tattoos. I have books about tattoos, my … Continue reading

What’s Hair Got to Do With It?

Leave Gabby’s hair ALONE! In Defense of Gabby Douglas’ Hair   In particular wacky, silly, doesn’t make it kind of sense, but I can unfortunately see why women would say this (as a fellow member of this ethnic race), yet that doesn’t make it any better, piece of criticism; gravity defying, 16 year old, Olympian Gabby … Continue reading

Put a Tooth on It? (And other ring ideas when diamonds just aren’t enough)

The saying is diamonds are a girls best friend right? That may be true for some, but this writer right here is personally more of a pearls type of gal who fidgets with rings so I rarely wear them. Here’s the thing, my Facebook is bursting with wedding announcements and wedding photo profile pics, my … Continue reading

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” (Thoughts on the Topic of Change)

Change is…? Take a moment and reminisce about a few favorite memories that you wished could have lasted forever. Yeah they might have been wonderful then, but would life akin to the repetition of the movie Groundhog—no matter how delight it was, really be desirable in the long haul? “Don’t be sad it’s over. Be … Continue reading

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