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Remind Me to Tell You: It’s Fun Asking People For Help (…oh wait. it’s not.)

All month I’ve been fundraising to get the money I need to purchase the tools I need to launch my podcast project. At first glance I’ve been a podcast beggar. Ps If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so now—there are still a few days left!! (Just till the end of the month!) … Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s Little Body Has Gained a Little Weight: 6 Reasons Why I Think Its Great

The gossip world has been a flutter over Lady Gaga’s weight gain. Do her little monsters prefer her better when she’s pissy and skinny? “The 26-year-old pop star made headlines after photos of her performing in Amsterdam showed her figure looking fuller than it has in the past. The pop star recently told radio host … Continue reading

If Every Blog isn’t Just a Diary, Then Every Podcast isn’t Random Talk

For those moments when music isn’t hitting the spot, watching the boob tube not an option, or audio book listening focus isn’t gonna happen.Insert the podcast. Informal or not, what’s your flavor? I myself listen to several podcasts. Why because frankly they’re handy!  I’m out and about A LOT, and I’m sure many of you … Continue reading

Who Listens to Podcasts? Your Mom Listens to Podcasts That’s Who!! (Well…maybe.)

You’ve never listened to a podcast before? That’s okay, you’re not alone. But more than a few million people here and there on both sides of the Pacific have seen the beauty in it. Allow me to put things in perspective (because I know my dad in Kansas, and younger sister in Tennessee, aren’t the … Continue reading

So You Think You Can Podcast?

Professionals and the amateur alike make use of this medium, so can you? I say: why not? First things first though, what is a podcast? Besides something I’m fundraising to create in supplement to this website?!   CLICK HERE!! http://www.indiegogo.com/interestingreminders   I’m glad you asked!   The simplest and most bare bones of explanations, is … Continue reading

How Much is that Podcast in the Window? (How and Where to Window Shop for Digital Media)

How does $FREE.99 sound? Most if not all, podcasts are free. All podcasts on the iTunes Store are free… NPR’s podcasts are free for you to use, but expensive to produce and serve… The great news for you is, aside from the fees it costs each host to put up their content, that content is … Continue reading

“Hey, I just met you…and this is crazy…but here’s my web link, download me maybe?”

Here’s 25 previously posted interesting12 article titles that if they get/or have gotten your attention I hope—JUST FROM THE TITLES ALONE! That I hope will urge you check out my indigogo page, and possibly donate to the: “remind me to tell you…” podcast. If these are the kinds of things I’ve written about before, (and … Continue reading

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