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So You Think You Can Podcast?

Professionals and the amateur alike make use of this medium, so can you? I say: why not? First things first though, what is a podcast? Besides something I’m fundraising to create in supplement to this website?!


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I’m glad you asked!


The simplest and most bare bones of explanations, is that it’s like a talk radio show you can download off the web. In fancier terminology, its form of digital media with a series of episodes, video or audio, that can be subscribed and downloaded and then streamed on a computer or mobile device.


Or, as Wired described it in a March 2005 article, “the bastard offspring of the blog and the Apple MP3 player.”

When iPod’s took the world by storm, the new term was derived as a hybrid of the words iPod and broadcast. (Former MTV VJ Adam Curry is routinely suggested as the inventor of podcasting). It actually has never had anything to

A stack of the iPods I now own... included are...

A stack of the iPods I now own… included are the 1Gb iPod shuffle (2nd Gen), iPod nano Product(RED) 4Gb (2nd Gen), iPod mini 4Gb, iPod 20Gb (4th Gen), and iPod video 80Gb (5.5 Gen). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

do with an Apple brand exclusively; it’s related to the fact that a lot of listeners tended to listen to them on their iPods. Remember when Tivo first came out and the world was like yesssssss, I can watch TV on my terms! Whenever I want-BAM! Awesome. This technology was pretty similar and then, as it remains now, is usually free. (Bonus)


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In 2004 The Guardian writer, Ben Hammersley, really began talking up this new found Audible Revolution. “It’s an approach to a different kind of radio. My feeling is that traditional media in America is stuck. Let’s think of a new kind of media,” he says.


In 2006 author Richard Barry of the New Media & Society Journal, dared asked the question, Will the iPod Kill the Radio Star?


“‘Podcasting’ allows anyone with a PC to create a ‘radio’ programme and distribute it freely, through the internet to the portable MP3 players of subscribers around the world. Podcasting not only removes global barriers to reception but, at a stroke, removes key factors impeding the growth of internet radio: its portability, its intimacy and its accessibility. This is a scenario where audiences are producers, where the technology we already have assumes new roles and where audiences, cut off from traditional media, rediscover their voices.”

Did you know?


That it was back in September of 2000, that the first system to enable the selection, automatic downloading and storage of episodic audio content on PCs and portable devices was launched? It was created by the early MP3 player manufacturer, i2Go. Founded as a way to supply content for its portable MP3 players, i2Go introduced a digital audio news and entertainment service called MyAudio2Go.com that allowed users to download news, sports, entertainment, weather, and music in audio format for listening on their PC, portable audio player, or other MP3 players. The service only lasted little over a year before they ran out of capital during the dot-com crash and folded.


Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_podcasting




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Maggie Barnes is a nonprofit and for profit business content specialist / social media consultant; and social sciences web writer interested in everything from psychology and sexuality, to technology, race, and economics. She is passionate about good communication and information accessibility.


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