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Looking for new articles? Enjoyed what you’ve read and want more? Well I have plenty more to give you!! Come over to the new site!!!!!!! You can read things you’ve missed in the past here, over there as well–plus all the new stuff!! Sound like a win win? It is. http://www.interesting12.com/ “Newsworthy topics and cultural … Continue reading

Tweeting Wolf (#notokay)

  Twitter is used in a bevy of great ways (journalists using it to engage readers and even to find story ideas, leads and contacts ), an assortment of interesting ways, a slew of unexpected ways (couple turns to twitter to help them adopt a baby), and every now and then a handful of down … Continue reading

Remind Me to Tell You: It’s Fun Asking People For Help (…oh wait. it’s not.)

All month I’ve been fundraising to get the money I need to purchase the tools I need to launch my podcast project. At first glance I’ve been a podcast beggar. Ps If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so now—there are still a few days left!! (Just till the end of the month!) … Continue reading

If Every Blog isn’t Just a Diary, Then Every Podcast isn’t Random Talk

For those moments when music isn’t hitting the spot, watching the boob tube not an option, or audio book listening focus isn’t gonna happen.Insert the podcast. Informal or not, what’s your flavor? I myself listen to several podcasts. Why because frankly they’re handy!  I’m out and about A LOT, and I’m sure many of you … Continue reading

When Did the Friendly Skies Get This Friendly??

In flight entertain refers to the entertainment on a flight. Duh. I’ve flown a lot, but apparently I’ve been boarding the wrong jet fueled engines. Here I am thinking the online raffle ticket games, and on demand cable TV programming options are good enough block my complaints about the lack of free honey roasted peanuts, … Continue reading

Can Interracial Couples Be Defined as Simply “Couples”?

One of these days interracial dating, interracial couples, interracial babies, will be simply described as dating, couples, and babies. Without all the “interracial” additives. Wait for it. Chris Rock and Julie Delpy on Interracial Sex, new article on the Salon. I wanna see 2 Nights In New York. (who’s with me?)

What’s Hair Got to Do With It?

Leave Gabby’s hair ALONE! In Defense of Gabby Douglas’ Hair   In particular wacky, silly, doesn’t make it kind of sense, but I can unfortunately see why women would say this (as a fellow member of this ethnic race), yet that doesn’t make it any better, piece of criticism; gravity defying, 16 year old, Olympian Gabby … Continue reading

Scare Tactics: Parents to Children Edition

“Can a kid get a time out?!” Was the response by a friend when earlier this week a video went viral of what appeared to be toddler being put into a laundromat by parents teaching him a lesson. Immediately the alarming question came to mind: Why would any parents ever even slightly think that its … Continue reading

911 Sleeper: Now That Sounds Like a Personal Problem

Last month a frantic Maryland woman called 911 because her husband couldn’t breathe. For six minutes she listened to another person breathing: the 911 ambulance dispatcher. While they were asleep. (After the shock of the snoring dispatcher wears off, I invite you to turn your attention to the fact that she listened to this for … Continue reading

Cooking: There’s a Pinterest Board For That

My friends and I like to eat. We all may not be foodies, but we’ve all got hungry bellies. (friends that eat together stay together right?) 🙂 Our new thing now is home cooked meals Sunday afternoon…We’ve all put money into a pot, set a weekly budget for a month worth of Sunday lunch/dinner meals. … Continue reading

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