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Maggie Barnes is a nonprofit and for profit business content specialist / social media consultant; and social sciences web writer interested in everything from psychology and sexuality, to technology, race, and economics. She is passionate about good communication and information accessibility.
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Looking for new articles? Enjoyed what you’ve read and want more? Well I have plenty more to give you!! Come over to the new site!!!!!!! You can read things you’ve missed in the past here, over there as well–plus all the new stuff!! Sound like a win win? It is. http://www.interesting12.com/ “Newsworthy topics and cultural … Continue reading

Can You Spare an Organ? (…an Organ as in Your Face?)

Does how you feel about giving in every other way, translate to how you feel about organ donation? People donate things every day. Food, money, their time. America as a country, gives the most compared to all others in terms of money towards economic development and welfare. America as comprised of individual citizens, top many … Continue reading

To Angus T. Jones I say, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.”

I’ll be eating an angus beef burger in the meantime. There isn’t much I know about 19year-old actor Angus T. Jones, other than he’s on a show I forgot still existed and Charlie Sheen was the star of until he went bat shitz crazy last year.  I vaguely recall reading a few years back how … Continue reading

Today’s Little Girl is Tomorrow’s Grown Woman

I love little girls. Maybe that has something to do with being an adult woman now, former little girl, myself. Girls these days are speaking up at younger and younger ages calling out inequalities they see and they are making their complainants known! I dig it. Women rights, equality, and everything else related to this … Continue reading

They Sold Their Neighbor’s Missing Dog

Next time you see a missing pup or kitten on your block, forget asking around and responding to missing pet posters. Just go ahead and lie to your neighbors face when they come sad face knocking on your door—and sell that wandered-onto-your-property animal on Craigslist! Word of the wise though, if you have a young … Continue reading

Tweeting Wolf (#notokay)

  Twitter is used in a bevy of great ways (journalists using it to engage readers and even to find story ideas, leads and contacts ), an assortment of interesting ways, a slew of unexpected ways (couple turns to twitter to help them adopt a baby), and every now and then a handful of down … Continue reading

Shower Water or Shower Waterless Gel?

  Hey if you can wash your hair without water, it only seemed logical that sooner or later someone would figure out a way to bathe themselves without water. Not that is sounds like a pleasurable option. But a possible option now it is. Through the Dell Social Innovation Challenge DryBath was invented. I have … Continue reading

Willow Smith’s Hard Knock Life

  I whip my hair back and forth, because it’s a hard knock life? More like shaking my head at Hollywood’s laziness trend in rehashing old plots, verses putting work into creating brand new ones. These days I’d just as well take a prequel or another sequel over another reboot, because remakes are sending my … Continue reading

Rap Music Helped Him Understand Other Music (and What is APD)

Heading out during that window when breakfast time has ended, yet it wasn’t quite lunch, my handsome eating companion attempted to explain to me why he didn’t like Michael Jackson music growing up. And how hip hop/rap music changed his life. Listening silently my thoughts lean towards, well he can’t be the only one who … Continue reading

When the Bible Goes Sci Fi

If any press is good press because it keeps people talking, than the Bible must be doing its thing pretty well. Seeing as all these years later the world remains in a chatter over it’s contents. A world where Bible plots remain out of the big and little screen, is a world that simply doesn’t … Continue reading

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